Business School Requirements

Business school essays should have detailed description about you.

The chief reason of writing business school essay is to offer a crisp and clear idea of your personality to the selection committee. You as an individual and your professional attributes will assist them in deciding the right candidate. You should also provide pertinent information regarding your professional qualification and the experiences you have gained. Mention the diverse environment you have been into and its output reflected on your personality.

What are the key features of writing a good business school essay?


The essay offers a great chance of selling a person on behalf of resume. It ties all the contents of the application together and thereby produces a creative and comprehensive feature regarding your persona.

  • Present yourself as a unique personality. Be practical and be a leader content and do not reflect yourself as an applicant.
  • Mention, why you are fit for the school. Communicate the reasons citing examples. Simply stating that “I am the suitable candidate does not convince the committee and the committee requires reasons along with the proof.
  • Show your passion as it is a great attribute of an effective writing.
  • Write in such a way that it leaves an impression on the committee that you have lot to say apart from what you have already written. This way you can challenge their perception.
  • You can pick the unorthodox path and take the risk. Be inventive. Admission committee appreciate risk seekers.
  • Mention your gender, ethnicity, minority status or overseas background only if it has changed your outlook or has affected your experiences.
  • Jot down as many real life examples as you can. All of them will support your thesis and act as a lifeline to your business essays.
  • Show your sensitivity to humorous side and present yourself as a real person.
  • Avoid flirting and write clear, crisp and succinct essays

Follow the don’ts:

Do not reveal half baked essays or industry based jargons. Do not exceed recommended words limit. Submit the essays that relevantly answer all the asked questions. Do not embark on the glory of your high school days and only mention the aspects that are relevant in context of current professional achievements. Have a well defined aim and demonstrate the way you will execution your plans. Do not talk about the cost incurred in your previous school. It’s because the admission committee is interested in knowing you as a person and is not interested in knowing any institute’s fees structure.

Learn by heart

“A good piece of information means the usage of right words. Rest matters little”.

If you plan all the things well and execute the steps without making excuses, you can be the master if writing perfect MBA essays. Hence, stop writing generalized points and avoid writing in vacuum. Endow your selection committee with great piece of writing and get the admission in your desired institute.

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